Question…How much are you spending on your lead generation ideas? If your ideas are becoming hard to nurture and convert to sales, then they are costing you too much. What you want to have in your arsenal are lead generation ideas that not only increase the number of leads that you have but also increase profitability at the same time. At Linked Business we believe that every small business deserves to thrive. We have successfully helped many clients to navigate and streamline their lead generation systems.

Below is our list of lead generation ideas that you can use to generate profitable leads.

1. Make your services client-oriented

Many clients make the mistake of thinking that their business is more about themselves and not about the client. These days, clients are turning to businesses that can add value instead of those that are more inclined to just offering any service. By making your services more oriented towards solving your client’s problems, you will attract more profitable leads.

2. Build trust by providing quality content

For a lot of small businesses, it can take time to build brand awareness. You want to get customers trusting that you are an expert in that field and that they can benefit by working with you. A great way to do this is by providing them with content that shows how relevant you are. This content may be shared via a blog, on your social media pages or via email marketing. Using as many of these as possible will increase the chances that anyone that shows a bit of interest ends up being a paying customer.

3. Design an effective sales funnel

These days, a lot of lead nurturing happens online. You need to make your initial pitch very relevant to your client so that they are more likely to follow through your pitch and you can make the sale. If you are not sure how to quantify how well you are currently doing, there is software that you can use to check the effectiveness of your current set up.

Not everyone will have the expertise that is required to make adequate changes to their sales funnel. At Linked Business we will identify any leaks that you have in your sales funnel and help you to fix them so that minimize the loss of any potential sales and you can nurture tepid leads into definitive sales.

Linked Business Solutions is a business strategy consulting agency with a difference. Our services are specifically tailored for each client’s requirements. Our team will help you develop a unique sales strategy plan that works just for you. Book an appointment with us today. We are waiting to hear from you!

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