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What is lead generation?

These are all important questions that businesses ask when they are looking for new clientele. Simply put, lead generation describes the process of stimulating interest in a product or service in order to develop a sales pipeline. With the increased use of digital channels, lead generation has been increasingly digitalised in the last few years. Read on to find out more.

What is the lead generation process?

Firstly, you need to choose your target market so that all your efforts are zoned in on them. Create a buzz around your product by generating content that is engaging on your website or any other platform you use to advertise. The possibilities here are endless, you can write blog posts, tweets, and use visuals such as photos and short clips. Once a person shows a serious interest in your product you can add them to your contact management system or email list. They are now officially a newly acquired lead.

When a lead is official, it is important to nurture the relationship you have with them to ensure they move through the sales funnel and make purchases. It is important to retain clients that have already shown interest in your products. If they are not yet a customer, be patient as the process from lead to a customer can take up to a year. Once a lead had shown adequate interest you can then lead them to your sales team and seal the deal. Your sales team must be able to keep the same level of engagement that the marketing team had.

Why is lead generation important?

The way customers interact with brands has changed. Big marketing campaigns are no longer adequate to keep customers’ interest. Quality content is now more profitable in landing new clients. With lead generation, you get to generate brand awareness and share what your core values are and what you stand for with your clients. As you land more clients you will increase your sales and ultimately get more profits.

What is a lead generation specialist?

This is a person that calls leads that would have been landed by marketing to make sure they meet the requirements for them to receive a sales call. A lead generation specialist researches lead that meet the firmographic requirements and engages them in order to qualify them for a sales call. Lead generation specialists can also do their own prospecting and cold calling so that they provide the sales team with legitimate opportunities.

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