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Do you want to know how to build a sales strategy plan?

Every company needs a good one that encompasses specific tactics for getting new market share, market strategy, processes, budgets, and timelines. It will help you reach your sales goals for the projected year. In it, there is a month-to-month forecast of expected sales and how you plan to achieve those sales. Below is a step by step guide on how to develop a sales strategy plan.

Set realistic goals

It goes without saying that you need to be realistic with your sales projections. You need to evaluate how big your market is and the resources and experience you have as a company. Try not to be over-optimistic with your projections. Compare them with the current year’s performance and see if they are feasible.

Include a timeline

In order to see if you are on track for what you had projected for the year, break down your projections into monthly or quarterly targets. These are called target milestones and they need strict deadlines. They are very useful during the year when you need to assess if your sales are on track to meeting the desired goal. These milestones should be clear and manageable so that you do not demotivate your sales team or kill morale.

Focus on Niche-marketing

Firstly, you need to know what your market is and the niche you are going to occupy so that you can position yourself for success. A business niche is what your business specialises in or what space it occupies. The more visible you are in your niche, the better your chances are for hitting your sales targets. Focus on your core products or services and get those in the limelight. Remember, staying in your niche won’t restrict you, it just focuses your efforts.

Customers, customers, customers

In your sales strategy plan, you need to target your customers and see if they are a good ‘fit’. You need customers that you can build long-term relationships with as one time customers are not good for the long term. Build a customer profile that will help you avoid spending time trying to get customers that will not deliver. Once you know the type of customer you are looking for, look for ways to get on their radar.

Map out how you plan to recruit them to start using your products and how you will convince them that they absolutely need what you are offering them. Find ways to stand out so that you are a cut above your competitors. Find ways to retain your current client base and keep them satisfied. When it comes to sales, the customer is king. Let your sales strategy plan reflect that.

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