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Certification is one of the fastest ways to validate a company’s expertise and prove their commitment to doing business above board. At times industry qualifications are needed to show compliance with state, national and international regulation and legislation. However, the road to accreditation isn’t always a walk in the path and often requires professional help to get through it. Learn how to get accredited the easy way.

Why you need business certification

In today’s competitive business environment, your partners, clients and government agencies you wish to do business with may demand to see your certification. Certification proves that you’re committed to quality and safety. In addition, certification demonstrates your seriousness when it comes to systems and processes. In a nutshell, certification establishes trust between your business and partners. It’s worth knowing that during tender procedures, failure to show appropriate accreditation can result in elimination of your bid.

How Linked Business Solutions can help

Linked Business Solutions assists you on your certification journey by preparing proper documentation for auditing, recording management and maintenance procedures, carrying out internal audits, identifying and preventing potential problems and designing methodologies for dealing with non-conforming products. We work with you to ensure that whatever processes you choose to implement will facilitate the achievement of your business goals.

ISO Certification & Accreditation

Linked Business Solutions helps businesses across a broad range of sectors get their ISO certification. In a world that’s increasingly become more connected, competition is rife. ISO certification is one the best ways to distinguish your business from competitors. Our teams can aid you in preparing for your audit so that your business is found conforming to the ISO 9001/ISO 14001/AS 4801 standard.

OHS SWMS Certification & Accreditation

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety has established the Occupational Health and Safety certification. Businesses that hold this accreditation demonstrate that they have met the OHS set standards of skill, safety, education, demonstrated knowledge and experience. It’s an accreditation worthy of its name as those who work with you are assured of safe work place conduct. Additionally, this certification is recognised internationally. Let us help you obtain your OHS accreditation

Obtain your business certification in a hassle-free manner

Linked Business Solutions prides itself on providing you with a hassle-free business certification process. Our business accreditation specialists are certified and highly experienced. Our clients to date include Tier 1 and multi-billion dollar companies. Get in touch with our team for custom certification services.

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