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We live in a world that is increasingly becoming more and more competitive. At least 94% of millennials are committed to personal improvement and drive the 2 billion dollar Life and Business Coaching industry in the country. Interestingly enough, some of the world’s top business people – Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs – have or had business coaches of their own. Clearly, coaching is a highly sought after service and with due reason. It’s one of the fastest ways to improve as a leader. So, why else should you consider hiring a coach? Let’s explore.

Get the best of both worlds – consulting and therapy

Business advisory services help a leader to develop their capabilities, broaden their perspective, understand employees and chart a viable path for the future. Today, coaching allows management to receive consultation and therapy at the same time. Is coaching personal you might be asking? While companies may not necessarily be called in to deal with the issues in the private lives of executives, it’s not rare for personal matters to come up. In a survey of coaches conducted by the Harvard Business Review, coaches said that the majority of their coaching (97%) was for non-personal reasons. However, 3% of their cases dealt with personal issues in the lives of executives.

Coaching can assist with developing high potentials

It is often said that if you stop learning you stop growing. The same is true even in management. Coaching helps executives learn by asking specific questions that force them to focus on the business’ current standing, where they hope to take the business, and how to effectively bridge this gap. Contrary to what many believe about business advisory services, the goal of an experienced coach isn’t to dole out advice but to ask the hard, tough and pertinent questions that empower the executive to see things in a new light.

Coaching provides business leaders with a strategic sounding board

Business advisory services provide you with a 1:1 executive-style leadership platform. Through this service, as a CEO you have access to a neutral sounding board. Discuss sustainable leadership, skills needed to thrive and grow, and how to engage employees for optimum results. Linked Business Solutions coaches are intensely vetted, proven leaders and have extensive experience listening to teams and helping them become better.

Coaching can help address derailing behaviors in management

In the past, coaches used to be hired to help address the toxic behavior of senior management. In fact, one of the top three reasons for engaging the services of a coach was to fix the derailing behavior of executives. At least 12% of coaches were hired for this reason. Today, most coaches are hired to facilitate transitions and or develop the talent of executives but they can still assist with problematic CEOs.

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